Outset Advanced Vehicle Technology

Outset is an Italian company that specialises in on-board weighing solutions. Accutrak has the right to distribute Outset products in Africa. Outset was the first Italian company to introduce on-board weighing systems for commercial vehicles. The firm’s industrial electronic systems are applied on commercial, earthmoving, mining environments and logistic sector vehicles, to provide the exact carried weight of aggregates and liquid materials.

Outset offers onboard weighing solutions for the following vehicles:




Mini Shovel

articulated dump truck

Wheel Loader

articulated dump truck


wheel loader with forks

Wheel Loader with Forks




Telescopic Cart


Reach Stacker

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Articulated Dump Trucks
Rigid Dump Trucks
8 X 4 Tipper Trucks
Tank Truck
Tarpaulin Truck
Truck and Trailer

The product range consist of:


The VIPER is an extremely competitive static weight control system, which combines great ease of use with an immediate reading of the weight of the materials transported on all types of forklift trucks, with good precision.

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The display located in the cabin detects the net weight of the material and the possibility of adding it to an overall total with the aid of a pressure sensor installed on the hydraulic lifting system.

On-board dynamic weighing on earth-moving machines will no longer be a problem thanks to the ET on-board weighing system. The ET weighing system works on wheel loaders, forklifts, articulated dump trucks and telescopic trucks.

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The control unit located in the cabin is extremely compact and equipped with a keyboard and a latest-generation 3.5 '' colour display with an intuitive icon menu that immediately and automatically displays the change in the weight of the material without any operator intervention. ET allows dynamic weighing and allows measurements to be taken during lifting movements without operating stops
Lanx WL

The new control unit of the LANX WL system is installed directly in the cabin and displays the weight in real time, allowing the reading of the net and the gross, tractor and semi-trailer axle, partial weighs and with the possibility also of an acoustic overload alarm.

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LANX WL uses various types of digital wireless sensors positioned on the suspensions of the vehicle and is equipped with an alphanumeric display that allows the display of all weight data. It has been specifically designed for customers who want to equip their fleets with a valid weighing system at an extremely competitive price. Traveling knowing the weight of the load makes it possible to optimize the time and economic yield of transport in complete safety, immediately cushioning the cost of the system.
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LANXNEXT - the new completely wireless weighing concept that allows you to view the total net and gross weight of the vehicle in real time, directly on Android and iOS devices. Through the LANX NEXT App, the entire loading phase is easily managed from your smartphone, with the use of a Hotspot device connected directly to the cigarette lighter socket in the cabin. Wi-Fi technology allows communication, both with wireless sensors positioned on the vehicle's suspension, and with the Android or iOS device app. New generation technology, quick and simple installation, for an advanced and competitive weighing system.

LANXHD - The control unit of the LANX HD system is installed directly in the cabin and displays the weight in real time, allowing the reading of the net and the gross, with the possibility of partial weighing and axis by axis. Moreover it allows to manage the materials moved and to select the operators or the destination. LANX HD uses digital sensors positioned on the suspensions of the vehicle and, thanks to an easy to read display, allows the display of all the data without intervening on any key. All journeys made are automatically stored without operator intervention